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Pump Worx Beginners Rechargeable Auto Vac Kit - Smoke / Black

Pump Worx Beginners Rechargeable Auto Vac Kit - Smoke / Black

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Get ready to watch your pleasure rod get bigger and thicker than ever before with the Beginner's Auto-VAC Kit! With the push of a button, the powerful motor creates a super-strong vacuum inside the chamber, forcing your erection to quickly expand its length and girth. Simply insert your penis into the tube, press the power button, and watch your pleasure rod swell with power! The new and improved "Big Mouth" Flanged Base provides more comfort at the base of the pump cylinder during suction, while the Elite Silicone sleeve forms a soft, air-tight seal against the skin, creating incredible suction and amazing results. Choose from low, medium, or high suction modes to customize and intensify your pump sessions!

The smoked, vacuum cylinder allows you to see your cock get bigger and fatter by the second. The tube is made from thick, heavy-grade polycarbonate and marked with metric graduations to measure your growth. When you've reached your desired size, simply push the pressure release button above the power button to instantly relieve the pressure.

Three Levels of Powerful Suction
Big Mouth Flanged Base
Elite Silicone Pleasure Sleeve
USB Rechargeable
1 Year Limited Warranty

Operating Instructions:
1. Turn on the Auto-VAC Motorized Pump by pressing the POWER button. The unit will begin in Low Suction Mode.
2. Press the POWER button again to cycle through Medium and High Suction modes. Pressing the POWER button a fourth time will turn off the unit.
3. The unit can also be turned OFF at any time by pressing and holding the POWER button.
4. Press the PRESSURE RELEASE button any time during operation to relieve pressure.
5. Create custom suction intervals manually during operation by pressing the PRESSURE RELEASE button repeatedly at the desired pace.

Tube Length: 8.7" (22cm)
Tube Diameter: 2.4" (6.2cm)
Controller Length: 6.6" (16.7cm)
Controller Diameter: 1.8" (4.5cm)

Charge Time: 4-6 hours
Run Time: 8-10 hours
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