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XR Brands Master Series

Ass Holster Anal Plug Harness

Ass Holster Anal Plug Harness

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Lock your submissive, slave, or puppy up in harness keeps their cock and balls exposed while their ass is plugged! This attractive, leather-like harness adjusts around the waist and buttocks for a customized fit, tightening against their asshole to keep your favorite plug or dildo pushed deep into them. Two rear pads are included to accommodate a standard butt plug, with velcro straps that will lock in the base, or a tail plug, with a hole that allows the accessory to flow out for exposure. The cock and ball opening keeps their package in convenient reach for you to play with. Locking buckles will keep your slave helplessly trapped! Cock and ball diameter is 2.25 inches. Tail plug diameter is 1. 5 inches.

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